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Brief history of our company.
Perfect Ltd was established in 1995 formally as an advertising business venture, which began commercial activity in 1997 and engaged in foreign trades in 1998. In the last 7 years our main focus and workload has shifted towards prepress and print media. We have a well equipped prepress studio with all the required hardware, software and working capacity to deliver top products in a short space of time without compromising on quality. After working with a great deal of printing companies we gained the necessary experience and signed trade representation agreements with the best of them based on their performance standards. This enables us to use the different advantages each printing company has to offer and deliver a high quality end product. In relation to our bid for this project we have signed a preliminary agreement for partnership and trade representation with the most advanced and fast growing company in the field of offset & digital printing In Bulgaria which has 20 years of experience, providing solutions for creative projects, large diversity of products in commercial printing & packaging and invested in innovative equipment in compliance with international standards.


  • Flayers
  • Catalogues
  • Posters
  • POS materials
  • Displays
  • Calenders
  • Diaries
  • Ballpens
  • Watches
  • Color changing mugs
  • Bags
  • T-shirts
  • Wallets
  • Video brochures


  • DTP

    DTP professional services and software.

  • Closed-loop Services

    Closed-loop services streamline the marketing process.

  • Experienced Team

    A team of highly qualified specialists in the fields of engineering, design, application, production, logistics, marketing & technical consult

  • Fresh Business Ideas

    Tailor-made sales, marketing and POS solutions.

  • Fast Support

    Person-to-person communication for job inquiry, coordination, problem discussion or escalation and other job related activity. Project requests approval process.

  • Printing

    Digital Black or colour, offset printing, wide formats.

  • Finishing Services

    Finishing services include folding, trimming, tape binding, plastic coil binding, wiring, perfect binding, saddle stitching, shrink wrapping and others diaries.

  • Invoicing and payments

    Invoices will be provided to the clients within 2 business day of completion by line item in a mutually-acceptable electronic format and security bank transfer.

  • Customer Care & Consulting

    We provide professional customer care and excellent consulting services to build your business growth & prosperity.